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Free Resources

Totally Free Resources for animal lovers!

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Free Animal Health Articles

Respected 'Net Vet Dr Mark writes about everything from walking your cat to discipline for puppies!

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Dog Training Tips

Get FREE dog training tips delivered to your email inbox each week. This great 6 week email course is a must for dog lovers! Just insert your name and email in the attached box and go!

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Free Business Cards

Get great free business cards for you (and your pet!) -

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Downloadable Training Manual

Free Downloadable Dog Training Manual in word or wordperfect fromat.

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Great Virtual Sheep Game

Play this fun virtual sheep game. See just how much fun it is to be a sheep dog!

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World Wide Fund for Nature

Free WWF Action Kit - help give something back!


For more ways to help animals for Free - Click Here -


Free Pet Catalogs

Order these free catalogs for hard to find pet items, discounts and more -

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Free Pet CD

Free Pet music CD, discounts and more -

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Useful Pet Care Info

Useful care sheets for your new puppy, kitten etc

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Free Dog Bytes Newsletter

Great Newsletter for dog lovers!

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Free Cat Stuff

Join the Connosseur Cats Society and get free samples, discounts on cat foods and more!

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Get Great DVDs for FREE - all your favourite movies - 101 Dalmatians, Dumbo, My Dog Skip and more for FREE - sign up now!


Free Feeding Guide

Get these great FREE guide to help you find out the right amount to feed your dog -

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Projects for Pet lovers

Great free projects for pet lovers from Hewlett Packard. ID Set, Cards, Placemat and more - Heaps of fun for the kids!

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Cleaning Tips

Free tips on cleaning up after pets

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Downloadable Pet Diary

Great Downloadable Diary allowing you to keep your pets details on your computer

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Dog E-Cards

Great virtual doggy e-cards, for all occasions -

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Puppy Care Kit

FREE Incredible Puppy Care Kit including a video and booklet that will tell you everything you need to know about raising your pup.

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Downloadable Dog Care Guide

Raise a happy, healthy dog. Teach your pooch with our weekly training programs, get grooming tips, learn to manage common ailments and more! To get your free DogGuide, just click on one of the download options available:

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Free Dog Fitness Chart

Use this FREE chart to help you monitor your dog's body condition.

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Free Pet Websites

Now your pet can have its very own website, show off photos, keep a diary and more -

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Search 1000s of FREE offers to find exactly what you're looking for -

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Save Hundreds of Dollars on Pet Care Costs Each Year!

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