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Free Accessories


Bowls, Leads, Doggy Bags, Hats, T-Shirts and More



This is one of the best offers ever! Get your free T-Shirt with a photo of your favourite dog on it -

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Free Flea and Heartworm Control

Free Dose of Revolution flea and heartworm control in a single dose (USA only)

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To find the best deals on Revolution -

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free standard
leash and matching collar

Free Lead and Collar for visitors to Mybordercollie.net

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Free Cleaning Products

Get your place smelling fresh, clean up after Rover or Kitty with great orange cleaning stuff!

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Free Bandana for your Dog!

Answer a short survey and get a free bandana. Says they'll send it to the first 20,000 requests, so don't wait! (USA only)

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Pet Safety Kit

Get this cool Free Pet Safety Kit

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Free Mouse Pad

This one's for you, not your pet (although your cat might love it!) Get a new mousepad absolutely FREE!

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Free Mane and Tail Detangler

Free sample bottle of Mane and Tail Detangler for horse lovers from Silver Creek Products -

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Emergency Decal

In the event of a fire, flood or other dangerous situation this emergency decal that you can personalize will alert rescue workers that pets are in your home -

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T Shirt Give Away

Check out this great T Shirt Give Away

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Free Kitty Litter

Free sample of light weight clumping kitty litter -

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For Dirty Jobs

Every pet owner hates those dirty jobs - picking up poop, cleaning cages etc - try these rubber gloves for FREE

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Pet Miniatures

Free Pet Miniature from Bears in Chairs -

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Free Pet Tags

free custom engraved pet tags -

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Free Pet Tags!

Free pet tags and pet registry, help your pet stay found!(Australia only)

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Free Pet I.D. Decal

Get this great FREE pet identifier (USA and Canada only) -

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Pet Labels

FREE labels for mail, stationary etc with a pic of your pet and your contact details -

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Doggy Bags

Free Sample Doggy Bag to collect that Doggy Doo-Doo

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